We work exclusively with
Ice, Pressure and Heat

Our Promises

No solvent, no additive

Water, ice, pressure, heat, know how. That’s all we put into our products.

Highly concentrated

Our cannabis input is carefully chosen to bring strength, taste, texture and colour to our products.

Our cannabis extracts for licensed retailers

Live hash rosin

White Widow
Live hash rosin

Wedding Crasher
Live hash rosin

Skunk Shocker
Live hash rosin

Pink Slurricane Vape
Live hash rosin

Northern Lights Vape
Live hash rosin

Purple Pnch
Live hash rosin

More about how we make our products

What are cannabis concentrates?
An accumulation of cannabis trichomes, the small sticky hairs covering the leaves and flowers of the plant and containing the active substances (THC, CBD and terpenes)

What are solventless concentrates?
Solventless concentrates (or physically concentrated extracts) are produced by agitating or heat pressing the plant. Solvent-based extracts or concentrates (or chemically concentrated extracts) require an additive (such as butane, propane, CO2) to isolate the cannabis oils. The solvent is evaporated during the production process.

Why go for solventless concentrates?
Solvent-free concentrates are said not to alter the properties and taste of the plant. Some consumers value the fact that the products they consume did not come into contact with organic solvents.

What does “no additives” mean?
The strain on the label is the only strain that is in the product, which allows the user to taste the cannabinoid profile that is the closest possible to that of the plant. We do not add flavouring, oils or terpenes from other sources to change the properties of the product. Some people call it “full spectrum”. We prefer the clarity of “no additives”.